Home Inspection Blaine, MN

Haven Home Inspection is ready to give you peace of mind when it comes to buying a new home in Blaine, MN. We know that investing in a new home is a big investment. That's why scheduling a detailed home inspection can protect your new investment.  

Our certified home inspectors can help you make an informed decision about your new home. We provide the tools you need to make an informed buying or selling decision. 

Our home inspection report will help you understand  the current state of your home and keep you informed about those important decisions you'll need to make about your future. 

One of the best steps you can take when buying or selling your home is to schedule a home inspection.  Our inspections are like receiving a report card on your home.  Your professional  inspector will help you understand any defects, health and safety concerns, and needed maintenance issues your home requires.


We are home inspection professionals

We bring years of experience in home inspection and home repair and the best equipment possible to create your detailed home inspection report. We use software that assesses the state of your future home. We hold memberships to different professional home inspection organizations to help us keep up-to-date on our industry.  We are passionate about helping you learn about the home you are purchasing!

We invite you to attend your inspection!

We invite you to join us at your home after we've completed our inspection. Together, we'll walk through your home showing you any areas of concern and answering any questions. We have over 10 years of experience in home repair  and use that knowledge on each inspection so we can explain what you're looking at and wondering about. We believe that when you pay for an inspection, you're approaching your new home purchase with eyes wide open and seeking to making the best decision for your future. We love questions, so ask away!

What does your home inspection include?

We inform you about your home's condition by pointing out any issues that may need attention today. We like to explain what you'll need to focus on down the road after you've purchased your home.  As certified home inspectors, we deliver the most professional inspection possible. Our home inspections include: 

Home Inspection Blaine, MN
Roof Inspection

Roof System

Each home inspection includes a thorough inspection of your roof. Our assessment will help you determine its age, wear, proper installation including flashing and potential damage. We'll also include your chimney, shingles, vents, and trim in our report. 

Exterior and Foundation

We'll inspect your doors, windows, siding, grading, driveways, decks, and foundation.


We look for any excessive settlement, cracks, deterioration, bowing, and other non-conforming construction to evaluate the structure of your home. 


Our inspection will cover indoor windows, stairs, shelving, smoke detectors, and electrical outlets.

Insulation and Ventilation

We closely examine basements and attics for insulation, moisture, and proper ventilation.

Heating / Air Conditioning System

We'll assess your HVAC unit to identify type, size, age, proper combustion venting, and the general condition of your furnace. We also run both furnace and air conditioning to test for performance. 

Plumbing System and Components

We'll look at all pipes, faucet, fixtures in bathrooms, laundry and kitchens for proper function. 

Electrical System

We'll test a representative number of outlets, assess adequacy of your outlets, and test all GFCI outlets. In addition, we'll open  the electrical panel and evaluate the size, type, and sufficiency of service.  We'll identify any deficiencies visible such as burnt wires, overcrowding, and branch circuit protection.

Home Inspections in Blaine, MN

If you're ready for a home inspection in Blaine, MN, then Haven Home Inspection is here to help. Our inspections include a walk through where we discuss any deficiencies withyou. We'll thoroughly inform you about your home's condition with our detailed report so that you can make your decision as confidently as possible.

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