Annandale Home Inspector Case Study

As an Annandale, MN home inspector, our goal is to give new home owners peace of mind as they purchase their new home. Our case studies not only help the original home owner in their purchase, but can help you as search for a new home or look for needed repairs in your current home.

This recent home inspection in Annandale, MN included a detailed report on safety issues and improvements to make over time to maintain this home. We include a detailed deficiency report of the So that our home buyers can make informed decisions during the home buyer process. Our home inspector reports can help you negotiate with your sellers and keep a list of projects to work on after purchasing your home.

Home Details

We completed this inspection on a home in Annandale, MN. This homeowner hired us as her home inspector to gain an understanding of the overall condition and assessment of the home.

Home Inspection Checklist

As a home inspector, our priority is to keep our clients informed about the condition of their home and the repairs needed.  Each of our inspections includes:

  • Roof
  • Exterior and foundation
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Interior windows, doors, smoke alarms
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Plumbing

Overview of Deficiencies

We provide a detailed report with each of our home inspections.  Our report provides an image of the deficiency, an explanation, potential consequences and any recommended action.  Here are a few of the deficiencies we found for this home.

exterior stairs have excessive or uneven rise

Home inspector Annandale MNThe front stairs had an excessive rise or uneven rise/run for all steps. Your stairs should have a rise (height between steps) of approximately 7 3/4” and a run (depth of the treads) of approximately 9-10”to make the stairs easy to climb. This condition can be caused by walkway settlement/heave, step settlement/heave, age, general deterioration, or improper installation or construction
Home inspector Annandale MNTrips and falls are more likely to occur on stairs where there is an excessive or uneven rise or run. When climbing a set of stairs, we tend assume an even rise.  Tripping can occur either by over-stepping or under-stepping when mounting individual steps that have a rise other than expected. Stairs that have too shallow of a run present a higher risk of slips and falls by not being able to assure full foot contact on the tread.
Recommended Action

Safety Concern | Review | Repair

unsealed gaps betwen structure and patio

Home Inspector Annandale MN Gaps between the structure and patio may allow water to be channeled and drain along the foundation wall or under the slab-on-grade. NOTE: Some professionals recommend to clear this gap down to the thickness of the concrete, fill the gap with expanding foam, trim off the excess, and seal the top with caulk. This will help prevent moisture from accumulating in between the patio slab and the structure which may result in a progressively larger gap due to the effects of repetitive freeze/thaw cycles.

Home Inspector Annandale MNImpact

A gap like this can create moisture problems at the home’s foundation, slab cracking, slab settling or heaving, or movement and separation of the slab and house wall. Gaps between the house and the patio should be sealed, and the patio should slope to promote drainage away from the foundation.

Recommended Action

Repair | Consult a specialist

Chimney flashing or sealant (caulk) is ineffective, missing, or deteriorated

The flashing around this chimney is observed to be ineffective or deteriorated and the edges of flashing do not appear to be sealed in a manner that will prevent water infiltration or leaking.


Home Inspector Annandale MNWhere flashings are not sealed properly at their edges, this can present susceptibility to water infiltration past the flashing. Leaks to areas behind the flashing may be occurring but may not be readily discernible, and could result in water damage within the home’s structure and interior. Repairs are required to secure and seal the flashing. A Specialist familiar with current industry standards for proper masonry chimney flashing may be required to perform the necessary repairs to both secure and help prevent and leaking past the chimney flashing.

Recommended Action

Repair | Maintenance | Consult A Specialist

Home Inspection Results

As your home inspector, our goal is to help you find peace of mind while investing in your new home.  As with this inspection, we provide a detailed report outlining every deficiency we find including a recommended course of action. Deficiencies range from safety concerns to minor repairs that this home owner will work on after move-in.

If you are ready to schedule an inspection so that you can purchase your new home with confidence, then we’re ready to help.  You can call us or schedule your inspection with our online form.

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