Elk River Home Inspection Case Study

We recently completed a home inspection in Elk River, MN. Each home inspection includes a detailed report of any deficiencies we found to help home buyers like you make informed and confident decisions when purchasing their new home. Our deficiency reports can help you negotiate with your sellers and keep a list of projects to work on after purchasing your home.

Home Details

Elk River Home InspectionWe recently inspected this home in Elk River, MN. Our purpose was to gain an understanding of the overall condition of the property and assessment of the home. This home is a 1 story rambler residence and approximately 36 years old.

Home Inspection Checklist

For each of our home inspections, we inspect the following:

  • Roof
  • Exterior Components and foundation
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Interior windows, doors, smoke alarms
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Plumbing

Overview of deciencies

For each home inspection, we provide a detailed report.  Each report provides an image of the deficiency, an explanation, potential consequences and recommended action.  Here are a few of the deficiencies we found for this home.

Drain pipe configuration or connection from dishwasher non-conforming

Dishwasher connection Home Inspection Elk RiverThe drain pipe installation from the dishwasher does not meet current standards for this type of plumbing connection. Generally, the drainage pipe should be looped and attached so the top of the loop is as high as possible to the underside of the countertop. Ideally, the loop should be at least half way up the depth of the sink. Non-conforming configurations may include connections without the use of a trap, drain piping material, drain connections, slope, or clamps.

Elk River Home InspectionImpact/Consequences: This is a safety and sanitary issue. If the kitchen drain gets backed up, the “grey water” could easily flow back into the dishwasher if there was no high loop to provide backflow resistance. 

Recommended Action

Health Concern | Replace, Repair, or Adjust

Exposed combustible insulation – No fire rated covering observed (rigid foam polyisocyanurate insulation, i.e. -Thermax)

Insulation Hazard Home Inspection Report Elk RiverRigid foam polyisocyanurate insulation is not recommended to be installed uncovered by an approved fire barrier material in areas where toxic fumes and/or extreme temperature combustion would create a safety or health concern. These “polyisocyanurate foam” materials burn extremely hot and may contribute to the rapid spread of a fire, and produce toxic fumes when ignited. All combustible material within a living space or where migration of toxic fumes or intense fire would be a safety or health issue, should be covered by a fire rated, approved product.

IMPACT: Non-conforming material could allow fire and toxic gas to spread into the living spaces of the house very quickly. We advise checking with the local jurisdiction regarding the proper and safe use of “polyisocyanurate foam” insulation. Applying a rated and listed material over this insulation is recommended. This may be a SAFETY CONCERN. Any repairs should be verified as meeting the local requirements for fire separation and toxic fume migration into the home.

Recommended Action

Safety Concern | Recommend Evaluation and Course of Action Determined by Specialist or Local Regulations/Codes

Fire and/or carbon monoxide barrier between house and garage compromised, ineffective, or missing

Fire Barrier Home Inspection Elk River, MNAn adequate fire barrier on the garage/house doors, walls, or ceiling was not observed or could not be verified. All attic access hatch covers should be made out of a fire rated material. The walls, ceiling, attic hatch openings, and roof components (where applicable) should be properly covered and seams sealed with an approved material where required. Doors should provide adequate fire protection and sealed properly to prevent carbon monoxide infiltration. Gaps, seams, wall penetrations (vents, plumbing, heat ducts, wiring, central vacuum piping, etc.), and open areas should be sealed with an approved fire rated material or device.

NOTE: Although unsealed butted seams of the firewall material was acceptable at one time, and some building officials may not require it, the current recommendation is to seal these seams with approved material.

Fire Barrier Home Inspection Elk River, MNIMPACT: Garage doors, walls, attic hatch openings, wall and ceiling penetrations, vents, ducts, and ceilings without a proper fire barrier and carbon monoxide infiltration protection are a safety concern. Without a barrier, fire could spread through the attic and walls from the garage to the house very quickly. Carbon monoxide infiltration may cause significant health issues.

NOTE: Some local jurisdictions may not require any action or repairs on the untaped seams in the firewall and ceilings adjacent to the living spaces of the home. Open holes and wall penetrations may still require sealing with approved materials and devices.

Recommended Action

Safety Concern | Health Concern | Repair | Install | Complete | Consult Specialist

Home Inspection Results

Our goal with each home inspection is to help you find peace of mind as you invest in your new home.  As with this inspection in Elk River, MN, we provide a detailed report outlining each deficiency we find and the recommended course of action. Some deficiencies are safety concerns and others are minor repairs that the home owner will work on after move-in.

If you are ready to find confidence in purchasing your new home, then we’re ready to help with your inspection.  You can call us or schedule your inspection with our online form.

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