Annandale Home Inspection Case Study

We recently completed a home inspection in Annandale, MN. Each of our home inspections includes a detailed report of the deficiencies we found to help home buyers like you make informed and confident decisions when purchasing a new home. Our deficiency reports can help you negotiate with your sellers and keep a list of projects to work on after purchasing your home.

Home Details

We recently inspected this home in Annandale, MN. Our purpose was to gain an understanding of the overall condition of the property and assessment of the home.

Home Inspection Checklist

For each of our home inspections, we inspect the following:

  • Roof
  • Exterior Components and foundation
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Interior windows, doors, smoke alarms
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Plumbing

Overview of deciencies

For each home inspection, we provide a detailed report.  Each report provides an image of the deficiency, an explanation, potential consequences and recommended action.  Here are a few of the deficiencies we found for this home.

Grading near foundation shows settlement

Home Inspection Annandale, MNThe grading near the structure at the noted location has settled such that it does not direct moisture away from vital elements such as the foundation, walkways, stairways, driveways, footings, patios, and decks.

Impact/Consequences: Grading should be sloped to promote drainage away from the foundation of the home and other vital elements. Water accumulation near these elements may lead to structural issues, foundation and basement dampness issues, and damage or deterioration to vital elements. Remedial action is recommended to improve the grade and assure effective drainage will occur.

Recommended Action

Major Deficiency | Significant Cost Consequences

clothes dryer vent ducting concern

Home Inspection Annandale, MNThe dryer vent ducting is recommended to be metal (smooth rigid) and of a uniform diameter to the outside. Too much resistance from “ribbed” style ducting ruins efficiency by extending drying times. With enough resistance, the flow becomes so sluggish that the moisture in the air condenses on the pipes. This condensate attracts lint that sticks to the vent walls. Caked-on lint further impedes airflow and is a fire hazard. Extended run times are also hard on dryers, wearing them out more quickly. And finally, overworked dryers start blowing thermal fuses.

IMPACT: The use of materials other than approved metal dryer vent may allow the possibility of a fire hazard. Seams if taped, should be taped with an approved taping material that can perform well with high temperatures. Non-conforming tape materials may pose a safety concern.

Recommended Action

Safety Concern | Replace

water heater tpr valve displays indications of leaking

Home Inspection Annandale, MNWater tanks are provided with temperature and pressure relief valves (TPRVs) designed to open and release hot water and steam should the tank’s water temperature or pressure exceed set limits. Leaking may be caused by a damaged, worn, corroded, or deteriorated TPR valve. Conditions such as an active water leak, corrosion on the bottom of the TPR tube, or corrosion at the TPR valve may be indications that the TPR valve should be replaced.

IMPACT: The TPR valve is observed to be either leaking, corroded, damaged, or missing; these conditions present a risk of injury from scalding water and steam to people in the area of the tank should the TPRV malfunction. Immediate action should be taken to install a new TPR valve.

Recommended Action

Safety Concern | Consult A Specialist

Home Inspection Results

Our goal with each home inspection is to help you find peace of mind while investing in your new home.  As with this inspection, we provide a detailed report outlining each deficiency we find and the recommended course of action. Some deficiencies are safety concerns like the above highlighted concerns and others are minor repairs that this home owner will work on after move-in.

If you are ready to schedule an inspection ensuring confidence in purchasing your new home, then we’re ready to help.  You can call us or schedule your inspection with our online form.