Big Lake Home Inspection Case Study

We recently completed a home inspection in BigLake, MN. Each of our home inspections includes a detailed report of the deficiencies we found to help home buyers like you make informed and confident decisions when purchasing a new home. Our deficiency reports can help you negotiate with your sellers and keep a list of projects to work on after purchasing your home.

Home Details

Home Inspector Home Inspection Big Lake MNWe recently inspected this home in Big Lake, MN. Our purpose was to gain an understanding of the overall condition of the property and assessment of the home.

Home Inspection Checklist

For each of our home inspections, we inspect the following:

  • Roof
  • Exterior Components and foundation
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Interior windows, doors, smoke alarms
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Plumbing

Overview of deciencies

For each home inspection, we provide a detailed report.  Each report provides an image of the deficiency, an explanation, potential consequences and recommended action.  Here are a few of the deficiencies we found for this home.

Electrical service panel has multiple wires connected to Home inspection Big Lake MNbreaker or fuse

We observed that there is more than one wire connected to a breaker of fuse.

Impact/Consequences: Double tapping or multiple tapping should not be practiced because the mechanical connection between the wire and Home inspection Big Lake MNterminal lug on a breaker or fuse may not be secure with more than a single wire. This may cause arching, excess resistance, over heating of breakers, fuses, or wires.  This is a safety concern and we commended this homeowner consult with a specialist.

Recommended Action

Safety Concern | Consult a specialist

Drainage configuration is potential health concern

Home Inspection Big Lake MNThe configuration of the drainage piping from the water conditioner allows for the possibility of cross-contamination of potable water and gray (waste, contaminated, or unsafe) water. A cross-connection is a potential connection between a potable water system used to supply water for drinking purposes and an water source that cannot be approved of as safe, wholesome, or potable. The end of a drain, hose, or pipe from a potable water source should not terminate below the rim of a sink, drain, sump pump, waste lift system, or tub. There should also be a minimum of 1.5 inches of separation of the potable drainage piping to a drain gate or floor.

Home inspection Big Lake MNIMPACT: This drainage configuration is a potential risk to health. A plumber may be required to investigate and implement rework to assure proper installation of the drainage system and components to prevent backflow and contamination of the potable water system.

Recommended Action

Health Concern | Repair | Consult Specialist

Asphalt driveway settlement or heave is observed at garage

Settlement or heave of the asphalt driveway is observed such as dips, cracks, hollow areas, bulges (especially adjacent to garage floor), and improper slope. Settlement or heaving of the driveway may be due to a number of factors that include poor soil, erosion, soil saturation, compaction issues, frost, excessive weight, or parking of vehicles. Dents and small recessed areas are sometimes created by the weight of a vehicle in hot sun exposure, and cracks may be the result of shrinkage of the asphalt, soil settlement, or erosion.

IMPACT:This condition may impair drainage and possibly create a trip hazard to adjacent surfaces. Unsealed settlement cracks will permit moisture entry, which will promote further deterioration over time. The natural affects of weather and seasonal settlement will invariably lead to progressive deterioration of the driveway over time. Where cracks are from natural effects, normal maintenance should be applied to preserve the driveway in order to maximize the time required before major repair or replacement is required.

Recommended Action

Review| Repair | Consult A Specialist

Home Inspection Results

Our goal with each home inspection is to help you find peace of mind while investing in your new home.  As with this inspection in Big Lake, MN, we provide a detailed report outlining each deficiency we find and the recommended course of action. Some deficiencies are safety concerns like the above highlighted concerns and others are minor repairs that this home owner will work on after move-in.

If you are ready to schedule an inspection ensuring confidence in purchasing your new home, then we’re ready to help.  You can call us or schedule your inspection with our online form.